This landlocked state is endued with a number of the foremost spectacular landscapes, flora and fauna making it a heaven for adventure enthusiasts and naturalists.


Zuluk is one of the most beautiful tourist spots which is located at a height of around 10,000feets on the rugged terrain of the lower East Sikkim. Zuluk is one such wonderful place that can be explored throughout the year. It is encircled by a lush green forest that houses deers, wild dogs, Himalayan bears, and many other exotic species amidst a stunning landscape.

Zuluk never fails to mesmerize visitors with its scenic beauty and nearby attractions. Being a vital tourist spot since ancient times, Zuluk lies on the ‘Old Silk Route’ and retains a fairly impressive amount of historical and cultural legacy of Sikkim. The evergreen nature and vivid snowy landscape makes Zuluk worth visiting.


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