About Us

About Us

Blue Mountains Tours & Travels is the best tourism agency providing travel destinations in Sikkim and West Bengal. Our team consists of professionals in tourism which is dedicated to provide the best tour experience for you in the state of Sikkim & West Bengal.

We will make sure you get the best experience of your life enjoying lush greenery, spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges, trekking trails, beautiful lakes, gushing waterfalls and of course, its association with Buddhism. Our team will take care of your stay from the beginning till the end. We believe a tourist is a guest in our home, so the hospitality you get from us will be homely and caring.

Blue Mountain Tours & Travels is eqquipped with all the ammenities and knowledge enough for you to make your tour both memorable and enjoyable. Our experts will plan your visits and itinerary, keeping you away from the worry and hardwork from that.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a platform for our customers to make tourism in Sikkim & West Bengal easy and friendly so that you can enjoy the beautiful destinations without any worry during the tour. We will make sure you make entirely memorable experiences.


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